Monday, 29 June 2009

D.M.S.A scan

i've been brave on 18th June 09.

the result as below
auntie!!! pls explain further.

Friday, 26 June 2009

perfect crawler!

i'm not a combat crawler anymore!!!

Happy Father's Day

**cerita basi** 21/06/09

HappyFather's Day papa!!!

Hadiah ku untukmu....
gigi ku....


**cerita basi**

picnic dkt area University House + padang uni.

perut boyot!

Saturday, 6 June 2009

I WON!!!

**cerita basi**

Last night we attended an annual dinner 'Malam Sireh Pulang ke Ganggang'. The main purpose of the event is to celebrate Malaysian student who will go back to Malaysia for good.
The theme of the dinner is 'Retro Ceria'.
I just wore my simple RL romper + bandana. End up..I won as a best dress
This is the first award I won in my life. 'Best dress for kid' (category:boy)!!!
I'm glad glad glad.

handsome tak?

i got this!


since mak cu went back to Malaysia, mummy and papa bergilir-gilir jaga Irfan. recently, (xlaa recent sgt..) papa got a job during a day (selalu keje mlm). mummy busy with her labwork (setelah 1 year tak masuk lab!). so, Irfan rasa better cari babysitter. At last, aunty Nita willing to take care of me during a day! (setelah percubaan pertama bersama aunty lain gagal)

Irfan & aunty Nita
it's already 2 weeks aunty Nita jaga Irfan. so far so good.
Thanks aunty Nita.

combat crawler

irfan is a combat crawler!!! his favourite port is under the dining table.

ohhh mummy! i'm stuck here!